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Gretchen Wegner, M.Ed.

I help overwhelmed students de-stressify school so that they can rock their grades and have a life too. I also train educators to inspire students to study strategically, and I mentor new academic coaches as they launch their own thriving academic coaching businesses. When I'm not changing the world one creative study strategy (and time management tool!) at a time, you'll find me swing dancing, camping, and walking around Lake Merritt in my beloved home of Oakland, California.

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About this course

Can virtual teaching and coaching REALLY be as effective as in-person classes and sessions? Can it really leave teachers and students energized rather than depleted?

Yes! It CAN! 

I've been a virtual academic coach and online teacher trainer for almost 10 years now. Students are constantly surprised that "it's over already?!" 

In this video-based mini-course, I lay it all at your feet. Everything I've figured out about creating engaging and creative learning experiences via video call. Without sacrificing my own energy and zest for my students. 

Here's what we'll cover:

1. Set Up Your Physical & Virtual Space (1 hour)

  • A tour of my physical space, including my desk and computer
  • How to set up your virtual space, including the screen and your settings
  • What props to have nearby to enhance your teaching & coaching
  • How to look vibrant on webcam and video

2. Best Practices for a Variety of Learning Situations (2 hours)

  • One-on-one coaching & tutoring
  • Group classes & trainings
  • Drop-in office hours, study halls & co-working sessions
  • Video calls with younger kiddos
  • Tech troubleshooting on the fly

3. Enliven Calls with Anti-Boring Energizers (1 hour)

  • Sneaky ways to include movement in video calls
  • Physical warm-ups that bring the body online
  • Brain breaks that energize the virtual space
  • Mindfulness exercises that help folks focus
  • Creative ways to include improv, music & art

I promise it will be fun! Or... at least anti-boring. 

You'll walk away inspired about using your webcam to connect with students through the screen. 

Please note: This is NOT a technical how-to for using zoom. The purpose of this course is to help anyone who needs to connect with students through video calls, no matter the platform. 

Finally -- for the duration of our COVID Shelter-in-Place, use the coupon code STRANGETIMES to get this course for $45.