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Gretchen Wegner, M.Ed.

I help overwhelmed students de-stressify school so that they can rock their grades and have a life too. I also train educators to inspire students to study strategically, and I mentor new academic coaches as they launch their own thriving academic coaching businesses. When I'm not changing the world one creative study strategy (and time management tool!) at a time, you'll find me swing dancing, camping, and walking around Lake Merritt in my beloved home of Oakland, California.

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About this course

Welcome! I'm thrilled you're interested in learning more about The Habits and Grades Graphs. 

These two interrelated tools are the centerpiece of my Anti-Boring Approach Coach system for academic life coaching.  

Purpose of the Habits and Grades Graphs:

The purpose of both the Habits and Grades Graphs are to help students learn to:

  • be super specific about the habits they want to change/develop,
  •  stay focused on these habits over time,
  • visualize their progress over time,
  • look for patterns in their own behavior, and
  • see the direct connection between the quality of their grades and the consistency of their helpful habits

I'll be sharing more about what these tools are and how I implement them in my one-to-one individual coaching with teenagers. However, these tools can also be modified for teachers in group settings who wish to help students take more charge of their own learning. 

Testimonials from Past Participants:

"Super helpful! I am thrilled to see this in action. Thank you!"

"You've really created a concrete approach to helping students and you keep information in a single and accessible place.  It's also sparked some ideas of ways I can weave in other concepts I've used before into this document and coaching process.  It really is a great accountability value add for us as coaches, especially since students miss details and parents don't want to nag."

"Gretchen, this is a very helpful module!  I could imagine using Google docs to track things with students, and I could come up with some of the items to include, but I love how personal you have designed it to be, how you engage the students in creating the plans, and the idea of feedback using graphs -- one of those things about which you say to yourself "Why didn't I think of that?!"

"I was sad when the course ended. You are a lot of fun to learn from.  You find the good in everything, no matter what your students are saying or doing. I felt very validated, even though I wasn’t in the live webinar."

Course Outline:

Module 1: Overview

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • Tour of the Google Spreadsheet (5 minute video)
  • How to Work Through This Mini Course

Module 2: The Habits & Grades Graph

  • What's a Habit? Why Track Them?
  • Components of the Habit Tracker
  • How to Create Habits
  • How to Assign Points
  • How to Make the Graph
  • The Grades Graph
  • How to Incorporate the Habit Tracker Into Sessions

Module 3: Coaching-In-Action Videos

  • Video #1: Max (16 minute video)
  • Video #2: Katie (10 minute video)

Module 4: Resources

  • Make Your Habits & Grades Graphs Pretty (1 hour video)
  • Template for Google Spreadsheet
  • Masterlist of 50+ Habits You Might Track with Clients
  • Your Feedback

Final Thoughts Before You Sign Up

I don't know any other academic coach (other than folks trained by me) who use a system like this -- and I've seen INCREDIBLE behavior change in my clients as a result of tracking both their grades and habits. 

I'm excited to share my exact process with you in this mini-course! It should take you about 3 hours to work through the material, and another couple hours to get your own Habit Tracker set up. 

If you have any questions prior to signing up, please email me at