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Gretchen Wegner, M.Ed.

I help overwhelmed students de-stressify school so that they can rock their grades and have a life too. I also train educatorsto inspire students to study strategically, and I mentor new academic coaches as they launch their own thriving academic coaching businesses. When I'm not changing the world one creative study strategy (and time management tool!) at a time, you'll find me swing dancing, camping, and walking around Lake Merritt in my beloved home of Oakland, California.

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About this course

Are You a Teacher, Tutor, School Counselor, Administrator, or Academic Life Coach?

Have you been banging your head against the wall of your students’ motivation, watching your kiddos struggle with low grades and/or insane stress? Do you wish they would just put in a little effort and study already?!

A few years ago, I learned some basic brain facts that forever changed the way I coach students about studying. Since then, I've been perfecting a new model called The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying™, and frankly, I'm shocked to watch how much FASTER my clients are learning how to study strategically.

The keys to this model are:

  • Solid brain theory backed by all the latest research in cognitive behavior and neuro science,
  • Teaching tidbits that are engaging, memorable, and broken down into bite-size chunks that students actually remember, and 
  • A strong toolkit of clear, easy-to-implement study strategies that students can easily put into action.

Because this framework for coaching students is too effective to keep to myself, I've created a course for educators -- The Art of Inspiring Students to Study Strategically -- to teach you how to incorporate these tools into your curriculum, coaching sessions, and after school programs. Educators who graduate from this 5-week course are confirming what I thought would be true: these tools are easy to- incorporate into classrooms and tutoring sessions, and are improving students' abilities to think -- and act! -- strategically about their own learning.

Join me? Join this fabulous cohort of other educators? Ready to be inspired, not just by the tools you’ll learn but also by the INCREDIBLE cohort of educators who will be taking the course alongside you?

Let's change the world one creative study technique at a time!