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Gretchen Wegner, M.Ed.

I help overwhelmed students de-stressify school so that they can rock their grades and have a life too. I also train educators to inspire students to study strategically, and I mentor new academic coaches as they launch their own thriving academic coaching businesses. When I'm not changing the world one creative study strategy (and time management tool!) at a time, you'll find me swing dancing, camping, and walking around Lake Merritt in my beloved home of Oakland, California.

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About this course

Welcome to the Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying!

This is my simple system for helping you get the grades you want and learn more with less stress.

If you've found your way here, I'm guessing you're ready to FINALLY:

  • Overcome procrastination & take charge of your life
  • Learn anything you are taught no matter how good (or bad) your teacher is
  • Take creative, powerful notes that make key points stick every time 
  • Make studying so effective (and fun!) that you are 100% ready for every test
  • Erase anxiety and stay calm in the face of increasing pressure so you don’t lose steam

Using short, engaging videos and simple activities, The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to feel prouder, smarter, and less stressed by the end of the semester...with the grades to prove it. We cover everything from time management, organization, specific study techniques, note-taking, test anxiety, and more

Not to mention -- you get several BONUS 3-minute videos, including:

  • The Simple Habit That Saves You Time When Reading
  • The Anti-Boring Approach to Flashcards
  • How To Summarize An Entire Book on Just One Page
  • A (No-Duh!) Trick to Make Hard Tasks Feel Easier
  • and More!

I guarantee that if you follow this step-by-step system, you’ll raise your grades, feel more confident at school, get more done in less time, and still have time for friends and fun.

The course will take you 6 to 10 hours to complete. You can crank it out in a weekend, or do a module a week for 6 weeks. Either way, you win, as long as you let me be your coach, and apply all my techniques to what you're learning in school right now.

Here is a raving review from a high school student:


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