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Megan Dorsey

Megan is a college admissions expert and savvy test prep instructor who has helped thousands of students prepare for the SAT and ACT and gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. Megan is co-host of "The College Prep Podcast", a former SAT essay reader for the College Board, a Texas Education Agency-certified high school teacher and counselor, and a successful educational consultant. She earned her B.A. at Rice University, her M.Ed. at the University of Houston, and her Certificate in College Counseling at UCLA. Before founding College Prep, LLC, she served as a college counselor at Westside High School, where she developed the SAT and college planning curriculum for the Houston Independent School District (HISD). In her last year at Westside, the graduating class of 550 seniors earned over $14 million in scholarships and attended prestigious schools such as MIT, Rice, and Stanford.

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About this course

Online SAT / ACT Prep with Live Q&A!

Join the students who are getting results with our online SAT / ACT Results program! 

With this program you get the best of all options:

  • SAT & ACT
  • Quick cram & long preparation options
  • Video lessons on demand & live Q&A sessions

1. Online Materials

You will have 24/7 access to handouts and video lessons from all of our test prep courses including:

  • 8-Week ACT Prep Course
  • 8-Week SAT Prep Course
  • ACT Crash Course
  • SAT Crash Course

Work through the material of your choice at a pace that is comfortable to you. Re-watch key lessons or skip sections you already know. You manage how long the course will take and what you choose to learn. 

2. Live Q&A

Megan will host regular office hours. All Q&A sessions are held on Zoom, a private video conferencing service. Think of it like FaceTime. Once you login, you will appear on video and be able to ask questions. Megan will be there with her whiteboard, just like an in-person class.  

Q&A time is a great opportunity to get personalized help, ask about homework problems, hear new approaches, and plan your test day strategy. Megan will be available for a full hour (sometime longer) and will answer SAT, PSAT, and ACT questions. 

These office hours sessions are scheduled for times when students are regularly out of school-- evenings and weekends. Dates and times are posted in advance, so you can plan to attend. You can expect a live session every 7-10 days, except during winter break and summer.

3. Program Details

When you register you are paying for a 12-month family membership. Anyone in your immediate household can watch the video lessons and participate in the live Q&A sessions for a full year. Parents can ask questions, siblings can prep for their exams, and students can review when they choose to retake the SAT or ACT.

Video lessons are on-demand and can be viewed from any internet enabled device (phone, tablet, computer.) Q&A sessions can be accessed by phone (not recommended) as well as any of the devices you use to view the lessons. 

The handouts we would typically distribute in class can be downloaded as PDF files; you may choose to print these. 

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase the ACT or SAT Official Guides which contain 5-8 full-length official practice tests from ACT and College Board. These books are available through Amazon or your local bookstore. Students can access additional practice tests online; it is strongly suggested they print these exams because the current SAT and ACT are given as paper and pencil tests, so students will get more from their practice if they use printed practice tests. 

The Fine Print

Registration in this program is non-refundable. 

Results are not guaranteed. Megan has been teaching ACT and SAT classes for over 20 years; the strategies presented in this course work. Your results depend primarily on the time, energy, and effort put into learning, practicing, and mastering the material. 

Students must register directly with College Board (SAT) or ACT in order to take the exams. PSAT registration is handled by your local high schools; please check with your guidance counselor or with your neighborhood school if you are homeschooled. 

We do address the issue of focus and managing nerves during these exams, but this program cannot take the place of more specific counseling or treatment for students with test anxiety, processing or learning issues, or other physical, emotional, or academic concerns.